Mobile Alert System

From: $44.95 / monthly

A personal emergency response system with built-in GPS technology, the Mobile Guardian keeps you protected whether you’re going about your daily routine at home, jogging around the neighborhood, or even out driving.


Mobile Alert System

The lightweight and portable medical alert device works with a wearable emergency button that, when pressed within 350 feet* of the device, connects you to our 24/7 monitoring center through a nationwide cellular network.


  • -Press the Emergency Button on the Portable Device
  • -Speak with an Operator Through the Portable Device
  • -Help is Sent to Your Location


  • Location tracking with GPS
  • Reliable Cellular Connectivity
  • Clear, Two-way Communication
  • 100% Us-based Monitoring
  • Portable Device
  • Clear System Speaker
  • Emergency Help Button
  • Medical Alert Button
  • 350 ft. Range Protection
  • Waterproof


Location tracking with GPS: With GPS tracking, you’ll receive help at your location, no matter where you are.

Reliable Cellular Connectivity): Mobile Guardian comes with FREE AT&T cellular service, providing wireless, 24/7 access to our medical alert monitoring center!

Clear, Two-way Communication: The Alert system’s speaker provides direct communication with our monitoring center.

100% Us-based Monitoring: Once alert device is activated, you’ll be connected to trained operators at our accredited 24/7 monitoring center, based 100% within the USA.

Portable Device: A small, lightweight and standalone device that can be worn on your belt, or tucked into your purse or pocket.

Clear System Speaker: Communicate directly through the device with a highly trained operator from our monitoring center.

Emergency Help Button: A single button push on this mobile alert system will connect you to our monitoring center.

Medical Alert Button: Choose between our waterproof white alert neck button or our white/black wrist buttons.

350 ft. Range Protection: Mobile Guardian’s neck pendant and wrist button have a coverage range close to the length of a football field.

Waterproof: 80% of falls happen on slippery surfaces, which is why our pendants have a waterproof rating designed for shower or bath use.


Included In Your Protection Package

Standalone Mobile Medical Alert Device
With a 24-hour battery life from a single charge, this device was made for mobility.

Choice Of Help Button
Wear it your way with a neck pendant or wristband.

Charging Cradle
Dock your mobile alert system in a free charging cradle for in-home use.